The SCIENCE AI Centre is directed by Professor Christian Igel as CEO and Anders Pall Skött as Manager. Above the CEO is a Steering Committee, constituted by the Dean and the Heads of Departments at the Faculty of Science. 

Steering committee members

  • Katrine Krogh Andersen, Dean and Head of Steering Committee, Faculty of Science

  • Christian Igel, Director, Department of Computer Science

  • Anders Pall Skött, Manager, Department of Computer Science

  • Svend Christensen, Head of Department, Department of Plant and Environmental sciences

  • Jakob Grue Simonsen, Head of Department, Department of Computer Science

  • Vivian Kvist Johansen, Head of Department,  Department of Geoscience and Natural Ressource Management

  • Anna Haldrup, Head of Department, Department of Food Science

  • Mogens Steffensen, Head of Department, Department of Mathematical Science

  • Simon Rasmussen, Associate Professor, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

  • Joachim Mathiesen, Professor, The Niels Bohr Institute

  • Morten Axel Pedersen, Professor, Copenhagen Center of Social Data Science, Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Jens-Erik Mai, Head of Department, Department of Communication

  • Sebastian Felix Schwemer, Associate Professor, Center of Information and Innovation Law, Faculty of Law

  • Mads Nielsen, Professor, Pioneer Centre for AI