SCIENCE AI Centre is pleased to announce our new AI seminar series, which will highlight advances and challenges in research within Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI. Like the AI Centre itself, the seminar series will have a broad scope, covering both new methodological contributions, ground-breaking applications, and impacts on society.

The speakers will consist of researchers from the participating departments as well as external speakers.

The seminars will take place every second Friday at 13:00 in "Lille UP1" - the small auditorium in Universitetsparken 1, 2100 Cph Ø.

Find more information about each seminar by clicking on the titles. All seminars will be announced in the event calendar on this website.

Scheduled Seminars

21 Feb 2020

Ozan Ötkem
Strategic Coordinator at KTHs Center for Applied and Industrial Mathematics (CIAM)

Bayesian inversion for tomography through machine learning

23 Mar 2020

Simon Rasmussen
Associate Professor, Ph.D, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Deep learning for multi-omics data integration

Previous Seminars


10 Jan 2020 Sune Hannibal Holm
Associate professor, Department of Food and Resource Economics, UCPH

What does it mean for an algorithm to be fair?


20 Dec 2019 Andreas Bock
PhD student, Imperial College London

Diffeomorphic curve matching with finite elements

29 Nov 2019 David Vilares Calvo
Research Associate, University of A Coruña

Structured (Syntactic) Prediction without Structured Representations

22 Nov 2019 Søren Kyllingsbæk
Head of Department of Psychology, UCPH

A Computational Model of Intention Selection

16 Sept 2019
Yasin Abbasi-Yadkori
Researcher at VinAI
Efficient exploration in sequential decision making problems
6 Sept 2019 Thomas Hamelryck
Associate Professor, The Bioinformatics Centre, UCPH

Deep probabilistic programming and the protein folding problem

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14 June 2019 Jonas Martin Peters
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, UCPH
A stability upgrade for data-driven models

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13 June 2019 (EXTRA) Daniel Beck
Research fellow, University of Melbourne
Natural Language Generation in the Wild
16 May 2019 Mikkel Thorup
Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
The Power of Theory in Practice of Hashing with Focus on Similarity Estimation
3 May 2019 Troels Petersen
Associate Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, UCPH
Machine Learning meets Particle Physics

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10 April 2019 (EXTRA) Naftali Tishby
Professor of Computer Science, incumbent of the Ruth and Stan Flinkman Chair for Brain Research at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Science (ELSC), Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The Information Bottleneck Theory of Deep Learning: Towards Interpredable Deep Neural Networks
5 April 2019 Søren Hauberg
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, DTU
Only Bayes should learn a manifold

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22 March 2019 Yevgeny Seldin
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Algorithms for Easy and Hard Online Learning Environments

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8 March 2019 Isabelle Augenstein
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Natural Language Understanding with Limited Training Data
22 Feb 2019 Frank Van Der Meulen
Associate professor, Delft University of Technology
Continuous-discrete smoothing of diffusions

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8 Feb 2019 Jes Frellsen
Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, ITU
Deep latent variable models: estimation and missing data imputation

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25 Jan 2019 Søren Mørk
Chief Model Risk Analyst, Nordea
Machine Learning and Banking: a Model Risk Perspective
11 Jan 2019

Susanne Claus
Postdoc, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Cut Finite Element Methods for Contact Problem

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30 Nov 2018 Desmond Elliott
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Multilingual multimodal language understanding
16 Nov 2018

Luana Micallef
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCPH
Towards an AI-Human Symbiosis Using Information Visualization