AI Seminar: Machine Learning Powered Inference in Cosmology

Portrait of Pablo Lemos

Join us for a talk by Pablo LemosEverybody is welcome to attend.


Machine Learning Powered Inference in Cosmology


The main goal of cosmology is to perform parameter inference and model selection, from astronomical observations. But, uniquely, it is a field that has to do this limited to a single experiment, the Universe that we live in. With very powerful existing and upcoming cosmological surveys, we need to leverage state-of-the-art inference techniques to extract as much information as possible from our data. In this talk, I will begin by introducing the inference problems we aim to solve in cosmology. I will then talk about Machine Learning based methods to improve on techniques traditionally used in the field, such as simulation-based inference, and stochastic control sampling approaches. I will finish by showing how these methods are being used to improve our knowledge of the Universe.

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