AI Seminar: AI tools for the child and youth psychiatry - focused on OCD

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Join us for a talk by Line Katrine Harder Clemmensen, DTU, on September 23, 2022 at 1300.


AI tools for the child and youth psychiatry - focused on OCD


The child and youth psychiatry has limited resources to assess and treat the increasing number of children in need. For example, 50% of the children who reach psychiatry have struggled with mental health problems for five years and the prevalence of psychiatric diagnoses among children has been steadily rising since 2010. The presentation outlines some of the ways machine learning can assist diagnosis and treatment and gives early results from our Exploratory Synergy Grant (NNF). We use a range of modalities from: Speech, videos, and wearables to assist in screening, therapy assessments, and predictions of episodes.


In my research, collaborations, and consultancy work I put my mind to obtaining feasible solutions to data problems. Interpretation and model generalization are at my heart. I like to contribute with models which can predict and explain issues of importance to our society, that being environmental, biological, industrial, or financial.

Research interests: Machine learning, statistical modelling, deep learning, sparse methods.