Copenhagen Summer University course: Climate-friendly AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had incredible progress across a wide variety of tasks, e.g., in computer vision and natural language processing. These impressive feats have primarily been driven by deep learning models, which often require extensive training on large datasets using specialized hardware. This energy-intensive trend has seen exponential growth in recent years. As a result, AI research and deployment is becoming a significant contributor to climate change, as well as a serious concern due to the global energy crisis.

This course will make AI practitioners aware of the environmental impact of AI, and equip them with methods and tools to measure and document the impact of deep learning models and to make them more energy efficient. Additionally, the course will touch upon the use of AI in addressing climate change challenges. The course will be taught by a diverse group of leading experts both from academia and industry.

Duration: 5 days
Price: DKK 22,500
Registration deadline: 31-05-2023

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